Wednesday, 6 April 2016

More Barbarians

I've painted up a couple more figures for the barbarians.
First up is a Slaine figure from Wargames Foundry. He's a wonderful sculpt - I decided not to paint him as Slaine is depiected and went for a colour scheme to match the rest of my figures. In retrospect I should have done a headswap to depart him from 2000AD a bit more - oh well!

I'm fairly pleased with how his fur cloak has come out. Though the metallics aren't as good as the last lot. 

Next up we have the marauder champion. He was released at the same time as the marauders from the last post. He's a decent sculpt but the pose is a bit awkward (I wouldn't wanted to have had to rank him up!)

Here he is leading his merry band of plunderers and pillagers. 

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