Friday, 15 April 2016

God of Battles at the ELMS club

I managed to get another game of God of Battles in at the ELMS club in Leeds last night.

The opening moves

Orcling outriders and chariot on a flanking move 
We played a 36point game with my Orc Warlords against Rob's Dwarves in a scenario which lead to my orcs trying to poison a patch of ancient woodland while the dwarves tried to protect it, with the possibility of a treeman type coming to their aid.

Just before the drake ate all my orcs!
Rob''s lovely dwarves
My orcs got soundly beaten, though did manage to poison one patch of woodland meaning it wasn't a total whitewash (so I keep telling myself). We had a cracking time though and got finished in plenty of time (Rob's drake helping with that!).

Wolf Riders
I can't recommend God of Battles enough, every game we've played has been fun and there's plenty of depth to it despite it running along a good pace. I've another game scheduled for next week, I haven't decided if I'll run the orcs yet or maybe the mercenaries, we'll see...

Ironskins getting eaten by a drake

Thats how to use chariots! If only I could roll dice!

The treeman appears!


  1. Awesome write up, thanks. War Orcs... War Orcs are the answer to a lot of questions. Brillant unit. and in a 36 points the answer is always: Iron Skins. That unit is insane. Then flanked by 2 groups of War Orcs. Solid.

    1. No worries, glad you enjoyed them.

      I've always liked the Ironskins, I was a little surprised at how fast the drake managed to eat through them though!