Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Spurred on by the fun game of Firewall 2136AD last week I thought I'd dig into the lead mountain and see what else I had in there that could be used. These guys jumped out at me:

They are Copplestone Castings miniatures and we're great fun to paint - as well as a good excuse to break out the bright paints! 

Now to dream up a scenario to use them in! I'm thinking a drive-by (or skate-by) assassination attempt or heist? Any ideas?

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Escape from Ash End - Firewall 2136AD

Tonight at the ELMS Wargames Club we had a game of Firewall 2136AD using my figures. I played as GM while Reg and Rob played as the Mercenaries and Bodyguards respectively. We used the Escape from Ash End scenario, modified slightly by removing the vehicles and editing the weapon loadouts.

The game started with a badly injured Lord Mayor stranded in the centre of the table with her two bodyguards (Derek and Nigel).

The first mob of yardies then moved onto the table. A string of bad GUTZ checks combined with the Yardie leader rushing off meant the first wave struggled to make much of an impact

Shortly after the second wave arrived and did a good job of heading off the escaping lord mayor. The bodyguard were in a bad way by now and could do little other than hold on.

Luckily for the Lord Mayor "Mongoose" Malone arrived and proceed to take out several of the newly arrived yardies out without breaking a sweat.

Doc Friday, the leader and sole survivor of the rein
forcements had other ideas though and proceeded to use his advanced cyber legs to give Malone a good kicking and with the aid of a fellow ganger force Mongoose to retreat as his cybernetics gave up on him!

The other mercenaries began to lend their fire to the skirmish and killed a few more yardies as Nigel slowly dragged the Lord Mayor to safety. At this point the yardies called it quits and headed back home.

A really enjoyable game thats got me thinking up a few other scenarios to try out. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

First games of Age of Sigmar

Managed to get a couple of games of Age of Sigmar in this evening after work.

Game 1

I took a Great Gitmob:

1 Goblin Warboss
1 Goblin Shaman
20 Goblins with bows
2 units of 10 Goblins with Jabbin' Sticks
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot
3 Nasty Skulkers (which I forgot about)

Ross took

1 Chaos Lord on mount
5 Chaos Knights
10 Chaos Warriors

The chaos knights and hero proceed to duff up all the goblins. Though we'd not read a lot of the goblin special rules because we were using our phones with the rules downloaded on. A quick print out later and we were ready for round 2 

Game 2

I took the Great Gitmob again just with bigger units (3 20's and 3 chariots)

Ross took 

A Slaan Mage Priest
A Saurus Old Blood on Cold One
6 Saurus Cavalry
15 Temple Guard
2 units of 5 Chameleon Skinks

This game saw the use of the Gitmob special rules and the outnumbering coming into play a bit more. It really made me feel like the goblins could achieve something both in shooting and in combat. The shaman's sneaky stabbin spell was good but I couldn't roll 7+ on 2D6 to save my life, though Ross' Slaan also struggled at times (although he does get 3 spells a turn). 

The chariots didn't have the impact I thought they might have done against the temple guard sadly - I think they might take a bit of practice to get to see how they work. 

Not sure how balanced our lists were either?

I was fairly surprised at how much the rules felt like Kings of War. They are very streamlined. I really like the morale system (its pretty similar to God of Battles, which I think is a great system). I would have liked to see flanks and rears play a bit of a part, although I can see why they don't. 

Playing a number heavy army like the goblins put Ross onto the sudden death situations straight away (which he ignored bless him) - I wonder how this might work out in other games. 

I'm keen to see how the battlescrolls develop and how it affects the game. 

Overall though, for a free game its very good and I'm sure we'll be playing some more. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015