Thursday, 16 July 2015

Escape from Ash End - Firewall 2136AD

Tonight at the ELMS Wargames Club we had a game of Firewall 2136AD using my figures. I played as GM while Reg and Rob played as the Mercenaries and Bodyguards respectively. We used the Escape from Ash End scenario, modified slightly by removing the vehicles and editing the weapon loadouts.

The game started with a badly injured Lord Mayor stranded in the centre of the table with her two bodyguards (Derek and Nigel).

The first mob of yardies then moved onto the table. A string of bad GUTZ checks combined with the Yardie leader rushing off meant the first wave struggled to make much of an impact

Shortly after the second wave arrived and did a good job of heading off the escaping lord mayor. The bodyguard were in a bad way by now and could do little other than hold on.

Luckily for the Lord Mayor "Mongoose" Malone arrived and proceed to take out several of the newly arrived yardies out without breaking a sweat.

Doc Friday, the leader and sole survivor of the rein
forcements had other ideas though and proceeded to use his advanced cyber legs to give Malone a good kicking and with the aid of a fellow ganger force Mongoose to retreat as his cybernetics gave up on him!

The other mercenaries began to lend their fire to the skirmish and killed a few more yardies as Nigel slowly dragged the Lord Mayor to safety. At this point the yardies called it quits and headed back home.

A really enjoyable game thats got me thinking up a few other scenarios to try out. Highly recommended.

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