Tuesday, 7 July 2015

First games of Age of Sigmar

Managed to get a couple of games of Age of Sigmar in this evening after work.

Game 1

I took a Great Gitmob:

1 Goblin Warboss
1 Goblin Shaman
20 Goblins with bows
2 units of 10 Goblins with Jabbin' Sticks
1 Goblin Wolf Chariot
3 Nasty Skulkers (which I forgot about)

Ross took

1 Chaos Lord on mount
5 Chaos Knights
10 Chaos Warriors

The chaos knights and hero proceed to duff up all the goblins. Though we'd not read a lot of the goblin special rules because we were using our phones with the rules downloaded on. A quick print out later and we were ready for round 2 

Game 2

I took the Great Gitmob again just with bigger units (3 20's and 3 chariots)

Ross took 

A Slaan Mage Priest
A Saurus Old Blood on Cold One
6 Saurus Cavalry
15 Temple Guard
2 units of 5 Chameleon Skinks

This game saw the use of the Gitmob special rules and the outnumbering coming into play a bit more. It really made me feel like the goblins could achieve something both in shooting and in combat. The shaman's sneaky stabbin spell was good but I couldn't roll 7+ on 2D6 to save my life, though Ross' Slaan also struggled at times (although he does get 3 spells a turn). 

The chariots didn't have the impact I thought they might have done against the temple guard sadly - I think they might take a bit of practice to get to see how they work. 

Not sure how balanced our lists were either?

I was fairly surprised at how much the rules felt like Kings of War. They are very streamlined. I really like the morale system (its pretty similar to God of Battles, which I think is a great system). I would have liked to see flanks and rears play a bit of a part, although I can see why they don't. 

Playing a number heavy army like the goblins put Ross onto the sudden death situations straight away (which he ignored bless him) - I wonder how this might work out in other games. 

I'm keen to see how the battlescrolls develop and how it affects the game. 

Overall though, for a free game its very good and I'm sure we'll be playing some more. 

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