Monday, 29 February 2016

Ghoul King

I picked up this chap up from Cavalier Books last week with the aim of using him in both Age of Sigmar and Frostgrave. I picked up a box of mantic ghouls at the same time that I intend to paint to match.

I've based him to match the undead knights from the last post, using a Renedra gravestone clipped down to look a bit more rustic.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Beginnings of an Undead army

Last year I picked up a few undead bits of ebay very cheaply and they've been languishing in the lead mountain for a while and I decided to pull them out and slap some paint on.

 The figures were released in the 1990s with the circle of blood campaign pack (which I have ideas about trying to play in Age of Sigmar). I really like them - this chap has a real Judge Death feel about him which I'm sure is deliberate.
I'm hoping they will see service in games of AoS as black knights well as skeleton knights in games of God of Battles.

I've still got the command group to paint and I'm scouting on eBay for the mounted wraith that got released at the same time.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Saturday, 20 February 2016


This week at the ELMS club I decided to break out Cutlass! from Black Scorpion Miniatures. It was a chance to give the rules a whirl as they've been sat on my shelf for a long time without use (Strange Grogge being my preferred piratical ruleset).

We ended up having an extra player due to a last minute drop out elsewhere, so I volunteered to umpire and let Niel and Rob play.

We played a basic skirmish out of the rulebook with start-up gangs and it went pretty well. The dreaded 8 vs 1 AU roll that I'd read about happened, but it didn't effect the game too much, but it did leave one player with very little to do for 15mins or so, which is a shame. Not sure if it'd need balancing or not - time will tell.

both players enjoyed the game, as did I, so I expect we might see it again soon.