Monday, 14 March 2016

Thaw of the Lich Lord Part 1

We kicked off our Lich Lord campaign at the ELMs Club last Thusday. I took a Necromancer with an apprentice, 2 archers, a tracker, a thief, a warhound and a man at arms. I managed to summon a snow leopard before the game as an animal companion as well.

The first scenario involves an eclipse with LOS shortening until turn 5 when there is a magical burst and then LOS increases again.

We played about 7 turns, I managed to escape with 3 treasures, Steve got 5 (!) and John only 1. Highlights included my snow leopard stalking around the table and eating a magically buffed treasure hunter and John leaping various summoned creatures at Steve.

After the game I suffered no injuries, picked up a book of bones and 2 Planes walk grimoires, meaning I can learn one, flog the other and purchase myself something expensive, tempted by a barbarian or an apothecary.

Looking forward to the next one anyway!

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