Saturday, 19 March 2016

Savage Orcs

My friend Tom came to visit on Thursday so instead of a trip to the lovely ELMs club we had a game in my loft. I decided I'd like to use my Orcs (or Orruks if you like) and thought it'd be a good opportunity to finish up a unit of Savage Orcs I've had half done for ages. 

Here they are:

The figures are a mixture of Shieldwolf Miniatures Orcs and some resin heads I found on ebay (maximini or kromlech, I forget which). The shieldwolf plastics are of good quality and I like the dynamism of the poses, The heads are nice but I found them a bit fiddly to paint, which sapped my enthusiasm a bit. If I decide to do a few more (I have enough for 10 more bodies) I'll try and source some Games Workshop Savage Orc heads and use those. 

As for the game itself, we went for Age of Sigmar and played a 50point game using the SCGT comp pack. We played The Cursed City battleplan from the Quest for Ghal Maraz book, which saw spirits attack larger units as casualties mounted up. I really enjoyed the mechanism and managed to squeeze a win. The savage orcs didn't do anything spectacular - I think they lack the power they had in 8th edition - I expect they need a character near them to perform to their true potential. 

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