Thursday, 7 January 2016

Frostgrave in 2016

Tonight was the first game of the year down at the ELMS club in Leeds.

We went for a 3-way game of Frostgrave to remind ourselves of the rules before we have a taster session for others at the club who want to try it and before we begin playing through the liche lord book.

 I took along a brand new warband with a Necromancer, apprentice, ranger, tracker, thief, two thugs and a warhound. I also managed to summon a boar that I'd just finished painting.

We played the worm hunt scenario, the worm remained particularly shy until popping up with one treasure unclaimed before promtly being clubbed to death by my opponents warbands!

Highlights included casting beauty on my heart holding necromancer, numerous elemental walls and some terrible dice rolling.

I managed to get away with four treasures out of the 9 so I'm claiming a win! It was a fun game, as all our frostgrave games tend to be. 

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