Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Arachnarok Spider

I got this monster as a present last Christmas (2015!) and it sat for quite a long time because I was a bit intimidated by the thought of painting in.
 I finally got around to it at the end of 2015, and I really enjoyed painting it. I tackled it in several bits: the spider, the base, the howdah and the goblins - I probably rushed the last two parts a bit but I'm happy its all finished.

Not sure when I'll get around to use him "in game" - my regular warhammer/AoS opponents have gone AWOL of late and no one down the club plays. I'm sure I'll work him into a game of God of Battles or Kings of War if I pester someone enough!


  1. Looks nice - is he as massive as he appears?

  2. yeah, she's massive. I found it quite tricky to hold at times. The base measures 15cm x 10cm