Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Africa Club Game

The Monday after the Overlord show called for a fairly straight forward game after an all-day Sunday wargames fest. So I brought along an African game.

We played with a colonial force consisting of:

Regular Leader (Mighty Warrior)
2 Units of 6 Regulars
1 Unit of 6 Soldiers
1 Unit of 3 White Men
1 Unit of 14 Askaris
1 Unit of 12 Musketeers
1 Standard Bearer
1 Machine Gun

and a Slaver force consisting of:

Swordsman Leader (Mighty Warrior)
14 Swordsmen
12 Askaris
2 Units of 12 Ruga Ruga
12 Warriors
8 Spearmen
6 Archers
1 Standard Bearer
1 Witchdoctor

We played the encounter scenario, only the slavers chose to put a unit in Ambush. They placed the Warriors as close to the British as they could. This ambush turned out to be a disappointment, as they rolled low when springing this ambush on the unsuspecting musketeers. The British askaris performed well unleashing two volleys, first on the spearmen coming through the woods and then at the warriors once they'd sprung from the jungle.

On the other side of the battlefield, the regulars and machine gun advanced towards the arabs. The threat of the machine gun kept a unit of Ruga Ruga hidden in the jungle (until it permanently jammed), however the swordsmen managed to get close enough to the regulars to unload a volley then charge in. After several rounds of melee the regulars came off worse and the British leader was chopped up.

The Ruga Ruga, Witchdoctor and remaining spearmen then managed to cause enough morale tests between them on the askaris, musketeers and soldiers to rout them all in one fell swoop, leaving the unit of white men to be mobbed and brought down.

The game ended with the remaining unit of regulars with their backs to the river bank, having shot the remaining arabs and Ruga Ruga.

Another enjoyable game, everyone was impressed by the witchdoctor and standard bearers for their ability to add and negate morale tests, absolute must-haves in any force which can have them.

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