Sunday, 20 March 2011

10mm Fantasy Day

Last Sunday the Oxford Wargames Society had a mini tournament using the club 10mm fantasy rules.

I took along my dwarves (and borrowed a couple of elements just to round it off). My first game was against High Elves, where I rather stupidly left my dwarves hiding in woods while they were encircled by elves. Some lucky dice rolls either way meant it came down to the last element but being badly out-maneuvered put me on a loss.

My second game was against a vast Orc and Goblin Horde. I decided to advance and claim the ground over the river and try to work the flank of the Orcs, while hoping the cannons supported by a couple of warriors could hold my own flank. This mostly went to plan with my trollslayers eating through a lot of orcs, bringing me a solid win.

My last game was against the undead. This game was over quickly as I managed to get my trollslayers onto the undead flank and roll up 4 elements in one swoop, as well as taking out the tomb king (causing the army to slowly disintergrate).

With a big win, a win and a loss it left me on the same points as 3 other players. Monday night see part one of the play-offs to determine the winner.

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