Wednesday, 19 August 2015


I've decided I want to paint up a small force for Age of Sigmar. I don't think all the criticism leveled at the game is at all justified and I expect mostly comes from people who rarely wargame let alone have tried the game.

Anyway, being a bit of a goblin myself I decided I'd start with some orcs, or Orruks, as they are now called. I'm a bit cautious to spend big on some of the current range as I expect it will be replaced sooner or later with something nicer so at the moment I'm going to go for some cheaper, generic options. These are from the 5th Edition starter set which I picked up from ebay for about 50p each. I have some more in various states of completion but I'm awaiting some 30mm bases to pop them on.

They were painted up relatively quickly, using a brown spray undercoat, a brown wash over the leathers, the metals were washed then given a quick drybrush, everything else just got a quick highlight. The only thing that was given any time and care was the skin (Foundry Moss triad, with a wash of Agrax Earthshade after the A layer) so they match my other orcs.

These will likely see action in Dragon Rampant when it arrives as well being called into action for of Gods and Mortals if I can find some opponents.

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  1. Pssst .... nice Orcs. But they are from the 6th edition starter set. The 5th one Lizardmen and Brets in it in the weirdest match up, ever. AoS killed anything GW for me. Killed it, dead.