Saturday, 2 April 2011


This weekends entry to the LPL, some goblins for my Warhammer Orc and Goblin Army. I'm intending to have around 30 of these chaps plus the new sneaky gits (which I'm holding back as a reward for getting twenty done...)

I've got the next ten undercoated and assembled, but have got distracted by painting Uruk-Hai for a Song of Blades and Heroes game down the club on Monday and drybrushing a small Werewolf warband for Fear and Faith (pics forthcoming!).

Managed to win a 2v2 game down the club on Monday. Dwarves vs Empire (10mm). Me and Dick managed to take down Barry and Dillon, helped mostly by the pursuit rules which stopped Barry rolling up our line with his knights and Griffon-mounted General. Forgot my camera though so no pics.

 Also had a 1500point Warhammer game in my flat against Pete from work. A close game, which saw me come out on top by about 50points. No pics thanks to the lights above the table not working! (Pete's army is mostly unpainted too)

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